1 PUBLIC/GOVERNMENT SAFETY (U) things that are done in order to keep someone or something safe: For reasons of security, all luggage must be searched. | security measures/checks/procedures etc: Strict security measures were in force during the President's visit. | national/state security (=protection of a country from attack or harm) | tight security (=careful protection using a lot of soldiers, police etc) | security man/guard (=someone employed to protect a person or building) | security forces/operations etc (=those whose job is to protect a country, sometimes used to avoid saying military): the UN Security Forces | security firm (=a company that provides protection for other people's property, money etc) | maximum security prison (=for very dangerous prisoners, from which it is very difficult to escape) | high security (=carefully protected or made safe)
a) the state of being protected from the bad things that could happen to you: job security (=not being in danger of losing your job) | financial security (=knowing you have enough money to pay for the things you need): This plan can offer your family financial security in the event of your death.
b) STH THAT PROTECTS YOU something that protects you from the bad things that could happen to you
(+ against): Does your insurance provide enough security against illness? (+ of): the security of a loving family
3 GUARDS (U) the department of a company which deals with the protection of its buildings and equipment: I'll have to report this to Security.
4 BORROWING MONEY (U) something such as property that you promise to give someone if you cannot pay back money you have borrowed from them: put sth up as security: She had to put up her house as security on the loan.
5 SAFETY FROM HARM (U) how safe something is from being lost, stolen, or damaged: If you're worried about their security, put your jewels in the hotel safe.
6 securities (plural) stocks (stock1 (3)) or shares (share2 (5))

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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